6 channel production intercom
on the devices you already own.

Using your Mac as a server and your iOS devices as comm stations, a fully wireless system can be set up in minutes. Unity is a simple intercom system that allows you to use your mobile devices as intercom stations.

Connect over Wi-Fi or cellular to your Unity Server to talk and listen on up to six independent channels. Unity can also display camera Preview and Program Tally and integrates with existing hard-wired communication systems like Clear-Com or RTS, letting you use Unity as a wireless station.

Program Tally is also designed to work with NewTek TriCaster. Each camera that is on program and preview Green for preview, Red for Program. You can also set it to activate the LED light on your device when you go live on program. 

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Headsets Headsets Headsets
2-Channel Audio Interface

This 2-Channel Audio Interface works with the Unity Server I/O Module (a Unity Server in-app purchase), allowing Unity to pass audio into and out of the computer. You can use the I/O Module to tie to existing intercom systems (Clear-Com, Telex, etc.).
Universal Tally Interface with Power Supply

This unit is necessary for connecting your video mixer to the Unity Server, allowing you to utilize the Unity Tally Module (available as a Unity Server in-app purchase). 

*NOTE: If you are using a Blackmagic ATEM video switcher, this piece is not necessary. The in-app module is all that is necessary for your system to work properly.